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Nebraska Weddings

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Hello and welcome to - the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Nebraska. Take the time to peruse our directory of qualified Nebraska area wedding vendors to find the one that's right for your special day! Need some advice? Look through our Nebraska wedding articles for ideas, tips, and more!
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If you are planning your wedding in to be held in the Platte River Valley in Nebraska then you should consider North Platte. This area best known for being the home of Buffalo Bill Cody has preserved the simple elegance of Cody's time in this town. This is the best setting in which to hold the perfect small wedding for those looking for more of a nostalgic feel to their wedding.

There are several lovely outdoor venues in which to hold a perfect place to tie the knot in North Platte, Nebraska. Lake Maloney State Recreation Area and Sutherland Reservoir State Recreation Area are among these. There are even ranch house style lodges which can be rented to hold a wedding with a rustic feel. The area also has several small, quaint churches in which to hold a small country style ceremony.

You and your guests can stay in some of the area's small bed and breakfast which offers personalized service and attention. The town also has several restaurants which can be rented for the use of your reception and rehearsal dinner. No matter where you choose to hold your wedding and reception in North Platte you are bound to have a warm and lovely event to remember for a life time.
From The Blog
Involve Your Children In The Wedding Ceremony

Posted under Wedding Etiquette

If you are having a second wedding then you are probably thinking of ways to include your children in the wedding ceremony. Including your children in the wedding ceremony is important and so useful in helping them make the transition of feeling like this is truly a new family. Every child should have the opportunity to participate in their parents’ wedding. It is a lovely and very special thing to be included in the wedding ceremony. Their parents wedding ceremony is a special day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. No one has to tell anyone that every child is different. So each child’s participation will need to be customized to their personality. A more outgoing child may want to do a special reading or even play a song. Another child may feel more comfortable simply walking up the aisle with the family or lighting a candle. There are many ways a child can participate comfortable. Each child should be asked to participate and then given some options. The child ma ...continue »
Unique Places to Get Married

Posted under Wedding Ideas

If you are planning a wedding, you may be looking for a unique place to hold your wedding. There are so many places you can get married now. Literally anywhere you can think of – you can get married there. Just think of some of your favorite hobbies and interests and you could get married while occupied doing them. There are couples who have gotten married while on rollercoasters! This is a very unique thing to do for your wedding and your wedding guests will have a great time. Everyone will remember your wedding. This will certainly not be another grilled chicken breast affair like everyone else’s. A very romantic place to get married is while on a balloon ride. A balloon ride will not hold very many people but it has a spectacular view. It can make you feel like you are literally on top of the world. You will most likely have to select five or six of your nearest and dearest to join you for this special balloon ride. Most couples who get married via balloon ride celebrate with a ba ...continue »
Who Should You Invite to Your Bridal Shower

Posted under Wedding Etiquette

Some brides wonder: who should they invite to their bridal shower? While you want to invite friends and family, most brides do not invite every single wedding guest to their bridal shower. Inviting every wedding guest would simply be too many people. So they need to contemplate exactly who to invite and decide who would be best to invite to their bridal shower. The first people to invite to the bridal shower would be any female family members or friends that are in the wedding party. It would be important to invite anyone that you considered this special to have at your wedding to be at your bridal shower. Typically for most brides this can be anywhere from four to twenty people. These family members and friends will be expecting to be invited to your bridal shower. If they are in your bridal party, they will typically assist in planning your bridal shower. Usually your bridesmaids plan your bridal shower. Next think of who you are closest to. Who you have spent time with over the ...continue »
The Plusses of a Small Wedding

Posted under Wedding Ideas

Are you planning a wedding? While some brides and grooms think about having a big wedding – many more couples are considering having small weddings. There are many plusses to holding a small wedding. A small wedding is more intimate and it makes your guests seem more special. You get to actually spend time with your guests rather than see them across the room. A small wedding is typically less expensive – but it can still be quite elegant. Actually because it is smaller you may decide to have a fancier reception than you would if it was a larger wedding. There are many wonderful things about having a small wedding. Small weddings are simply more personal. There are brides and grooms who have had weddings with more than three hundred guests who feel like the night was simply a blur of people. They didn’t get a chance to have conversations with people. These brides and grooms didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy their wedding with the people in their lives that are most special to them. ...continue »
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