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Natural Wedding Favors

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Many couples like to look for natural or even organic items for their weddings. When you care about the environment, you want to care for it all the time. Many brides and grooms realize that a wedding is an event where you wind up buying so many items and services, so it is important to be environmentally and organically conscious wherever you can. This is why when it comes to wedding favors; it can be so helpful to look for natural wedding favors. Fortunately there are many creative natural wedding favor ideas that will please brides and grooms.

A popular natural wedding favor is a tree seedling. These tree seedlings are small, about the size of a rolled up napkin. Everyone gets a tree to plant in honor of the special day. Just imagine how much oxygen would be created if everyone that went to a special occasion like a wedding planted a tree in its honor? We probably would have fewer problems with our ozone layer. Planting trees is a fun activity for many, children especially enjoy this. So this is a great wedding favor to consider. It is also something different – something that not every couple does. So it is a great way to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

Another great natural wedding favor is a package of wildflower seeds. This can be such a beautiful natural wedding favor. So many people love to plant wildflowers in their garden. Talk to your local plant or nature center to understand what flowers would be best suited for your area – as the majority of your guests will most likely be coming from your area. Your guests will enjoy planting the wildflowers and remembering the wonderful time they had at your wedding. If wildflowers are hard to grow in your area, select a flower that is easier to grow. You want something that everyone can enjoy easily.

If you are looking for a smaller, more portable favor – then a tiny potted plant is a great option. This is terrific especially if you live in a large city or have a lot of apartment dwellers coming to your wedding. There are so many types of potted plants to choose from. You can create your own tiny potted plants from a larger one if you have the time, or special order them from your nature or plant center. Ideally you want something pretty and a little romantic – but especially you want something that everyone can grow and enjoy. Natural wedding favors are beautiful and people can enjoy them for years to come.

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