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Involve Your Children In The Wedding Ceremony

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If you are having a second wedding then you are probably thinking of ways to include your children in the wedding ceremony. Including your children in the wedding ceremony is important and so useful in helping them make the transition of feeling like this is truly a new family. Every child should have the opportunity to participate in their parents’ wedding. It is a lovely and very special thing to be included in the wedding ceremony. Their parents wedding ceremony is a special day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

No one has to tell anyone that every child is different. So each child’s participation will need to be customized to their personality. A more outgoing child may want to do a special reading or even play a song. Another child may feel more comfortable simply walking up the aisle with the family or lighting a candle. There are many ways a child can participate comfortable. Each child should be asked to participate and then given some options. The child may not know exactly what they want to do – but when given some choices they may understand that there is something they want to do at the wedding. They will also appreciate having some decision in what they do at the wedding.

If a child does not want to participate, this should not be forced too hard. Some children are shy or simply overwhelmed by the big day. Weddings involve so many people that it can be hard on many children. Lots of little flower girls or ring bearers have great cases of nerves and wind up getting carried out of churches or temples. It can be more frustrating if you are getting married and these are your own children because you truly want them to participate. It would be helpful to examine why they don’t want to participate. If they are angry or upset in any way that you are getting married then they may need professional counseling for awhile. But some children may simply be overwhelmed with the idea of such a big day.

Many families come up with their own ritual to celebrate becoming a family. Like the exchanging of rings they decide to exchange family jewelry. Or everyone helps to light a special candle. Or they exchange special vows they have written. These are all beautiful ways to celebrate becoming a family. These are great ways to make your children feel included.

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