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Who Should You Invite to Your Bridal Shower

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Some brides wonder: who should they invite to their bridal shower? While you want to invite friends and family, most brides do not invite every single wedding guest to their bridal shower. Inviting every wedding guest would simply be too many people. So they need to contemplate exactly who to invite and decide who would be best to invite to their bridal shower.

The first people to invite to the bridal shower would be any female family members or friends that are in the wedding party. It would be important to invite anyone that you considered this special to have at your wedding to be at your bridal shower. Typically for most brides this can be anywhere from four to twenty people. These family members and friends will be expecting to be invited to your bridal shower. If they are in your bridal party, they will typically assist in planning your bridal shower. Usually your bridesmaids plan your bridal shower.

Next think of who you are closest to. Who you have spent time with over the past several years. Many bridal showers have up to fifty people. When you have more than fifty people, it becomes very much less intimate. A bridal shower should be intimate. You want to be able to really visit with your guests. Think of who is truly meaningful in your life. Try to have a list of twenty to thirty people to add to your other list.

There may also be some people that you are truly expected to invite. Some of these people may politely say no. These people include coworkers or your female boss. It is important to give invitations that you are expected to give. You don’t want to upset anyone or have anyone cause any type of fuss. It is very hard to make everyone be happy. But you can certainly try to make your guests comfortable and as happy as possible.

A great idea can be to run your proposed list past a friend or family member that you trust. They may remind you that you have forgotten to invite someone important. Planning weddings can be very stressful. Sometimes during this time of wedding planning even the most basic of details can slip your mind. So run your list past a friend or family member to be sure you haven’t missed anyone. Enjoy your bridal shower!

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