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The Plusses of a Small Wedding

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Are you planning a wedding? While some brides and grooms think about having a big wedding – many more couples are considering having small weddings. There are many plusses to holding a small wedding. A small wedding is more intimate and it makes your guests seem more special. You get to actually spend time with your guests rather than see them across the room. A small wedding is typically less expensive – but it can still be quite elegant. Actually because it is smaller you may decide to have a fancier reception than you would if it was a larger wedding. There are many wonderful things about having a small wedding.

Small weddings are simply more personal. There are brides and grooms who have had weddings with more than three hundred guests who feel like the night was simply a blur of people. They didn’t get a chance to have conversations with people. These brides and grooms didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy their wedding with the people in their lives that are most special to them. Instead they saw them across the room while they ate their meal. At a small wedding a bride and a groom have the opportunity to visit with their guests. They often have the ability to visit and greet all of their guests. They don’t feel like the night is a blur of faces – they remember who they spoke to. When a room has less than a hundred people in it, it simply feels more manageable.

A small wedding can feel more special. As a wedding guest when you are invited to a large wedding with five hundred people it can be an amazing thing. It can also be a lavish affair. But when you are invited to a wedding with fifty people – you know you are at a special event. It feels like you were handpicked to attend this event. If a couple only wants fifty people at their wedding then they are going to be very choosy about who they have at their wedding. This is a high compliment to their guests. The wise guest knows this is a true compliment at a small wedding.

Small weddings can often be more elegant than larger affairs. When a bride and a groom select having a smaller wedding they can discover that they have a better budget than they thought otherwise. They decide to order the prime rib or the lobster for their guests instead of the chicken that would have served the large crowd. Wedding guests like prime rib much better!

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