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Nebraska Marriage License Info

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If you are looking to have your wedding here in Nebraska, there are some things that need to be taken care of before and after the wedding ceremony. Before you can get married, you and your partner will need to apply for a Nebraska marriage license. This can usually be done in any city clerk's office located in the county you will be getting married. You can find city clerk offices within the probate court or in the circuit court.

The fee for a marriage license in Nebraska is a one time fee of $15; only cash payments are accepted here. It is not required that you or your partner be current or previous residents of Nebraska to get a marriage license that is valid statewide. There is no waiting period; once you pay for your marriage license, you will get it right away. You may also get married immediately after you receive your marriage license.

The legal age to get married without a parental consent in Nebraska is 19. You will need to bring your birth certificates to prove you are of legal age (Especially if you just turned 19 or look young for your age). If you or your partner is under the age of 19, a parental consent form will need to be signed and presented. A certified copy of a birth certificate will also need to be present. If under the age of 17, you and your partner will not be able to get married.

No blood tests or physical exams are necessary for obtaining a marriage license in Nebraska. After receiving the marriage license, it will expire one year after the date it was issued. If either you or your spouse were previously married, the date of death or divorce will be needed. Once married, names will need to be changed legally. You will receive a marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony and this will serve as proof of your legal Nebraska marriage. This will need to be shown to various government agencies, such as social security and motor vehicles. It will also need to be presented to non government agencies, like banks, credit card agencies, memberships, employers and others.

A legal name change kit is also available to make your life more convenient. Everything within the kit will need to be completed before or after the marriage ceremony. It is wise to complete the kit’s forms before the wedding takes place to save you from having to do it afterwards.

Marriages that aren't allowed in Nebraska are proxy marriages, cousin marriages, common law marriages and same sex marriages.

It is a great idea to begin the process of dealing with legal matters as soon as they are able; for the name change kit, you will need to wait until after the wedding takes place, of course. The marriage license should be applied for a month in advance; this is fine since the marriage license doesn’t expire for a year. Just be prepared beforehand, so that there is less to worry about later on when you should be enjoying the married life.
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